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Hsi To Tsun Enterprise Co., Ltd. 喜多村企業有限公司

Cooling System & Accessories

Today is 13,Dec,2018
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About Us
We specialize in making automotive radiator caps and established in 1979. All of our products are 100% warranty and high quality. Your satisfy is our business.
We research New Safe Thermo Radiator Cap and obtained two patents. It is with safety as the purpose, develop for reminding the driver. Safe Thermo Radiator Cap has a built in thermometer that displays your coolant temperatures whether in a safe situation or not. When the driver must remove the cap urgently, it can be sure of the temperatures. Besides, there is color line on the gauge face, from green, yellow to red, so it’s clearer to understand the timing to remove the cap. It also gives your car’s engine system a shining and unique look. Using Safe Thermo Radiator Cap could protect you and your valuable investment.
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